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Below you will find comprehensive reviews of 3 top websites and guides for dealing with your heartburn. Our number one pick is Stop Heartburn Fast as they cover everything you need to know about curing heartburn, acid reflux, GERD, bloating and related conditions. Stop Heartburn Fast is written by heartburn expert Thomas Dwyer, and includes 5 great bonuses so you can be free of heartburn and living life to the full in the shortest time possible. Our number two guide is Stop Acid Reflux Now, as although it doesn't include everything Stop Heartburn Fast does, it does offer some very valuable stop heartburn advice and information.


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Number One - Stop Heartburn Fast

Stop Heartburn Fast is by far and away the most informative, professionally presented guide to dealing with heartburn, acid reflux, gastric reflux and other related conditions. In it you'll find simple steps to naturally cure heartburn without a cocktail of pills and medicines. You'll also learn about common 'remedies', what works and what are simply worthless old wives tales. As well as the Stop Heartburn Fast book, you receive a fantastic bonus package including 'Secrets to Holistic Healing,' '47 Amazing Herbal Remedies,' 'How to Lower your Cholesterol,' and 'Secrets to Sleeping Soundly.'


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Stop Acid Reflux Now - Number 2

Number Two - Stop Acid Reflux Now

This guide covers how to deal with a variety of conditions and symptoms including acid reflux, heartburn, excessive burping, bloated stomachs and more. This is a valuable guide containing some good information, however we found they could have gone into more detail on some topics, especially to do with daily remedies and lifestyle changes. We were also a little disappointed with the lack of bonus books. In saying that, Stop Acid Reflux Now is a huge step ahead of most of the other stop heart burn guides on offer, the information is clear and professionally written.


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Cure Your Heartburn - Number 3

Number Three - Cure Your Heartburn

This guide gives a lot of information about the reasons for heartburn, how and why heartburn occurs and some good information on how you can change your diet and daily routine to cure heartburn. While the natural heartburn cures are useful, it doesn't include any diagrams like the above books, the layout and presentation is very basic, making it a boring task to get to the end.

Cure Your Heartburn sells for more than Stop Heartburn Fast, so with the lack of presentation and bonuses, doesn't offer value for money.


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