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How to stop heartburn

There are two trends of thought on how to stop heartburn. The first trend is to for you to go on the offensive, in other words, stop heartburn before it starts! Naturally the second trend will be the other end of the see-saw, where the answer isn't as cut and dried, but the question, "How to stop heartburn?" is.

If we start with how to stop heartburn before it begins, then we go to the more preventative side of medicine, where good habits replace bad, and common sense overtakes us at just the right time.

However, since we are only human, most us posses within ourselves one gigantic flaw. We don't see what's under our noses. Yes, that's right. If scientists were able to go back in time and bring back a woolly mammoth, and place it right in front of you, chances are that you wouldn't even notice until it was standing right on top of. And even then some people just refuse to admit that there is a woolly mammoth standing on them.

Well, heartburn is the woolly mammoth, scientists are scientists - that doesn't mean that they can bring back a woolly mammoth, at least not yet - and you are, well, basically you. There's a good chance you don't even realise that you're suffering from heartburn, and need to know how to stop heartburn.

Either way, whether you're on the offensive to stop heartburn, or the defensive, there a few things you can do and they all come under the heading "How to stop Heartburn".

You've probably heard all of this before a hundred times and more, but constant repetition is the best way to learn something, and if you want to learn how to stop heartburn, this is probably the easiest way.

So, to recap, in blissfully short sentences what you've already heard: Don't wear tight clothing, especially after a meal. Stay away from the booze, and stop heading to those cordoned off smoking areas to get your daily fix. No heavy meals. Don't sleep immediately after a meal. Sleep on your left side if you are going to sleep anyway. Try your hardest not exercise after a meal. Avoid such pleasure inducing foods and drinks like, orange juice, lemon tea, coffee, milk, cheese, and generally anything else on the same trend. If you suffer from headaches, don't take any form of aspirin, find something else. And if you want a good night's sleep, then sleep in an uncomfortable half reclining position, where your head is at a higher level than your stomach.

The last one only applies to sufferers of nighttime heartburn, and isn't necessarily a way to stop heartburn. It's just fun to mention it and hear the moans of disbelief that reverberate through the room!

So now that you're generally armed with the short but sweet version of "How to stop Heartburn", I suggest that you get cracking and see about donating your stores of liquor to a more worthy being.


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